Mosaic Stitch by Colors Yarn
(See Photo Gallery to see how these yarns are knitted together.)

    Pom-Pom Mosaic Stitch Yarn:

      This is a pom-pom yarn which is knit together in the same manner as the 
       pom-pom yarns already on the market.  Every second stitch ends with a
       pom-pom.  The unique aspect of Mosaic Stitch Pom-Pom Yarn is
       that the pom-poms are colored, in an arrangement which creates a
       specific pattern when stitched together.

      ~*~ Christmas Tree Pattern ~*~

    Fringe Mosaic Stitch Yarn
    Each stitch ends with a fringe.  As the piece is knitted together, the stitches themselves form a design on one side, while the fringe at the end of the stitch forms a design on the other side (see Fringe Yarn, in the Photo Gallery).

    Split Mosaic Stitch Yarn

    Split Mosaic Stitch Yarn uses the "The Split Stitch Method." 

    The Split Stitch Method uses the same practice as Ruffle Yarn (from other yarn companies), even if it looks a little different: The yarn has slits down the center, & only the ribbon on one side of the slit is pulled through, while the ribbon on the other side of  the slit is left alone. 


    An alternative Split Mosaic Yarn to the one shown above is the following: Two strands of yarn run together, being connected at the end of each stitch.  You pull one of the two yarns through to form your loop, & ignore the other loop.  This forms a very pretty pattern on each side of your work.

    Ribbon Mosaic Stitch Yarn

      Ribbon Mosaic Stitch Yarn is the same as Split Yarn (see above), except that it's
      made of ribbon, instead of yarn.  It has the potential to create a very elegant
      design, just as it also has the potential to create a very "wacky" eccentric
      embellishment to a knit work.
      This yarn also is knit in the "Split Stitch" method. 
      See "Split Stitch Method" above for a description.


    Dotted Mosaic Stitch Yarn 

    Dotted Mosaic Stitch Yarn, as with all Mosaic Stitch Yarn, is colored in such
    a way that, as it's knit together, a design automatically forms.  With the
    yarn examples above, something tangible has marked the end of each
    stitch (a pom-pom, a fringe, or the end of a slit).  With Dotted Mosaic
    Yarn, however, each stitch ends with a dot, or other small marker.  Just watch to make sure that you pull up each loop to where the dot marks its end.  This yarn is easy to use, however, as you manipulate the product, the colors can shift as the piece is knitted together, since there is no physical object (i.e. pom-pom etc) to stop the stitches from shifting.  Therefore, this is not the ideal type of Mosaic Stitch Yarn for detailed designs.

    Looped Mosaic Stitch Yarn

    • Looped Indicators Yarn: This is meant for advanced knitters.  Some, or all, of the stitches end with a loop.  After the product is knitted together, the loops are then connected with a crochet needle, to create their own design, or to embellish upon the design originally made with the main strand of yarn.

    Other Mosaic Stitch Yarns:
    • Ruffle Yarn: Ruffle Yarn, as you may be aware, looks similar to a ladder; One side of this ladder is skinny, & the other side is fat.  The skinny side provides the stitches; that is, the material you pull through a loop to create your new loop.  The fat side provides the pretty ruffles on the opposite side.  With Mosaic Stitch by Colors yarn, the ruffles not only look pretty, but also create a specific design.

    Types of Mosaic Yarn

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