Mosaic Stitch by Colors Yarn



Raynish Yarn Mosaics
is the newest invention in yarn.  This patented yarn produces an image as you knit or crochet it together.  Each stitch is part of the mosaic.  I
t is reminiscent of "Color by Numbers" coloring system used by youth.  I am currently researching manufacturing companies to begin production.  If you know of an innovative company or private party who is interested in manufacturing this, please send me an e-mail!

There are many different varieties of Raynish Yarn Mosaics.  See "Types of Mosaic Yarn" page for details.  Examples include: Pom-Pom Yarn, Fringe Yarn, Ruffle Yarn, Ribbon Yarn, Split Yarn, Looped Ends Yarn, & Dotted Yarn.

Raynish Yarn is designed to accommodate knitters from any skill level:
  • Beginners: Raynish Pom-Pom Yarn, is ideal for beginner knitters, including children.   It's fun to see a magic pattern come together with no more effort than repeating the knit stitch over & over again.
  • Intermediate: Ruffle Yarn, Split Yarn, & Ribbon Yarn.
  • Advanced: Looped End Yarn & Dotted Yarn
  •  Raynish Yarn Mosaics
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